My wishes for your weekend.

For me each Wilderness Heals is special in its own way, year after year there is something that sets it apart from the last. The views, the friendships, how I fundraised, my connection to the hike, the route, and so much more can set it apart from the rest. For me Wilderness Heals weekend is thinking about the clients of the Elizabeth Stone House and how their struggles are like climbing mountains everyday, connecting with other amazing women who also feel passionate about the work of the Elizabeth Stone House and reconnecting with myself and nature as a way of self care. As its a couple days before the event I am already feeling excited and inspired, and there is no better way to share my wishes to you than resharing a poem I wrote two years ago before the event.



I hope.

I hope that you are as excited for Wilderness Heals as I am.

I hope that your hard work training will pay off this weekend.

I hope that if you are a new hiker you will learn something about yourself.

I hope that if you are a veteran hiker that you will have a moment this weekend that will set this Wilderness Heals experience apart from the others.

I hope that you have packed everything you will need and want for the weekend and feel comforted that everything you need to survive in the woods is in your backpack.

I hope that you will learn something about a team member that surprises you.

I hope there are many surprises throughout the weekend.

I hope that the weather is beautiful, or if it is bad weather you find a way to appreciate its beauty.

I hope that you feel a sense of community with your team, donors and the individuals and families of the Elizabeth Stone House.

I hope that you take a moment for yourself away from the team to reflect on how this experience has impacted you.

I hope that you enjoy and take advantage of being disconnected from your normal life.

I hope that if you struggle at any point during the weekend, your team will support and help you push through.

I hope that you see beautiful mountain views.

I hope you enjoy delicious meals.

I hope that you are patient and flexible if there is a change in the plan.

I hope that you learn something new this weekend.

I hope there is singing.

I hope there is laughing.

I hope that this weekend exceeds any expectations you have.

I hope you know by participating in this fundraiser you are changing lives.

I hope you  know we are bringing awareness to substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.

I hope you know that without you, this fundraiser wouldn’t be as successful.


Thank you for following along this year on the blog, we will have one more post after the hike but please look through for fundraising ideas, as I know many of us continue our fundraising efforts after the three day event. Have such a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Friday morning, or if you could not participate with us this year, we will carry you along with us in our thoughts as we climb mountains!

Together we can move mountains!




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