Why I keep coming back to the mountains.

There are many reasons why I hike and keep going back to the mountains.

I hike because some days I need a walking meditation and a chance to clear my mind.

I hike because I can’t check email, Facebook or texts and sometimes its good to get away from these everyday stressors.

I hike because sometimes I don’t feel great about myself and after climbing a mountain I feel so proud at what I have accomplished.

I hike because whoever I hike with could be a stranger and I could feel like family by the end of the day, or I could hike with a friend and really have a chance to deepen our friendship.


I hike because it is an amazing feeling to have everything you need to survive on your back.

I hike because I get a chance to reconnect with nature and myself.

I hike because food tastes better in the woods.

I hike because my only job for the day is to take care of myself and keep walking.

I hike because the hiker community is so thoughtful, friendly and caring.

I hike because each time I learn something new about myself.

I hike for the views that a photo will never replace.



Quick Reminder: The  Mandatory Safety and Logistics Meeting is on Sunday July 10 from 2:45PM-5PM at The Grand Circle Foundation (347 Congress St, Boston), SEE YOU THEN!!


Thank you for letting me share the reasons why I love to hike! What are your reasons you keep coming back to the mountains?

Happy Wilderness Heals Wednesday!


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