Prep Time!

We have 16 days until the three day event!

11 days until we meet everyone participating at the Safety and Logistics Meeting!

7 days until you find out what team you will be on!

And most of all I am looking forward to 3 days in the White Mountains with amazing women!

2013-08-25 13.00.40

This year we have a lot of new hikers participating in Wilderness Heals so I wanted to let you know what to expect from the three day event and some tips to prepare.

Preparation is key! I know the night before Wilderness Heals I am always excited and have last minute things I need to pack so I don’t sleep much, but, I HIGHLY recommend trying to pack early. I have even heard of women packing before the Safety and Logistics Meeting so they are all set and don’t have anything to stress out about before the event. This is a great idea, because then if there is any piece of gear you need to borrow from someone you can get it from them at the meeting and reduce any extra runs out to get gear or buy new stuff.

Don’t Forget List! Make a don’t forget list, to go along with a printed checklist of required gear for the three day (this is different than the training hike gear list. I also recommend double checking the list in the morning before you leave so you pack your car with everything.  Your “Don’t Forget List” should include items such as hiking boots, snacks and lunches, sunscreen, bug spray (the bugs are extra bad this year because of the mild winter), medications you need etc. This may sound silly, but hiking boots have been forgotten and so do what you need to do to remember them and tie them to your pack or pre pack your car the night before.

Get excited. You will have three days in the woods and will be spending it with other amazing women that are passionate about hiking and supporting the Stone House. This event brings the most amazing women together and every year feels like it was better than the previous year. Use these three days to relax and recharge from your busy life and reconnect with nature and yourself. I always like to think of hiking as a walking meditation because I think it really does help clear your mind and stresses you are experiencing.

Be Proud. You have worked so hard to raise money for the Elizabeth Stone House and you have trained to climb mountains for three days. The community of supporters (you!) are an amazing group to be a part of and I hope you feel a connection to the Elizabeth Stone House over the weekend. We are physically climbing mountains for the weekend, but also take a moment to think about the metaphorical mountains that clients of the Elizabeth Stone House are overcoming everyday to get back on their feet. You are making a change that you wish to see in the world!

I am so excited for the weekend and look forward to meeting all of you at the Safety and Logistics Meeting on Sunday July 10!

Happy Wilderness Heals Wednesday!


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