An Interview with Caitlin Thornbrugh

Hi Caitlin! Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule for this, I know you are a new hiker to Wilderness Heals and just had your first training hike this weekend so I would like to hear about your experience and find out how it all went for you!

Ashley: How long have you been hiking/ what is your experience level?

Caitlin: I have done only two hikes in the White Mountains but before that I have done some walks in Kansas and some hiking in Cambodia. This last winter a guy friend took me on my first winter hike and it was also my first time using microspikes! We stayed over at Carter Notch hut and that is how we met!

A: This is true! I was hiking with some friends this winter at Carter Notch hut and we met and hit it off and then I got to tell you about this fundraising hike that I participate in and you immediately were excited to join! So other than me talking you into joining Wilderness Heals, why did you want to join Wilderness Heals?

C: I wanted to learn more about hiking. I also loved that it was a hike for women and with women because I have only hiked with predominantly with men. After hearing about what the Elizabeth Stone House does I wanted to get involved on a local level and by fundraising I am helping support their programs.

A: Where did you go for your training hike?

C: Mount Israel



A: What was something you were nervous about and something you were excited for your training hike?

C: I have mostly done day hikes so I was worried about my pack being heavy. It was definitely heavier than on my normal hikes, but it was definitely manageable. I was excited to meet new people and see other perspectives of why people participate. I was also excited to meet people who have hiked with WH before and hear about some of their experiences.

A: What was your high and low of the day?

C: My low was realizing that I might need new hiking boots and my high was everything else: the view, hiking and getting to hear people’s stories.

A:What was your favorite hiking snack?

C: Clara had shared a bite of Lasagna which was really good but my new hiking snack discovery and new love was corn nuts!

A: What piece of gear improved your hiking experience?

C: My new platypus and I was super impressed that I drank all of my 3L of water!

A: What were you most surprised about on your training hike?

C: I was excited to meet women of all different ages and also be able to have so many things in common with the women on my team and have the chance to hear about each person’s story. I wanted to do this hike to hike with women but I didn’t realize how amazing each person is and how much I have in common with everyone.

A:What are you looking forward to for the three day event?

C: I am looking forward to challenge my hiking skills, meeting new women and hearing their stories and seeing more of the White Mountains!

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