Snack Time!

Food on the trail is one of my favorite parts of hiking. Snacking throughout the day is so important and it is equally important to have a balance of what you are eating. A good balance includes protein, sugar, electrolytes and carbs make your hiking day more enjoyable and will help you climb those mountains! Recently, I have been hiking with a friend and she has made these protein packed energy balls that she has learned from this blog:

Check out the recipe from the blog post but to get an idea they contain: peanut butter (protein), protein powder, coffee (caffeine/energy), salt (electrolytes), chocolate (sugar, to give you that extra kick to get up the mountain) and some other yummy ingredients!

Another hiking snack/hydration idea I have for you could be used on the trail (which I recommend freezing and then allowing it to melt throughout the hike for a refreshing drink) or post hike to replenish all of the electrolytes you sweat out on your hike!


Watermelon chunks, cut
Coconut water
Mint leaves, washed

In a blender take all of the ingredients and blend together and until the consistently is similar to a smoothie, add more coconut water, watermelon or mint leaves to your liking and either freeze to take on the hike and allow it to melt or keep in your fridge until you get home to have as a refreshing electrolyte replenishing drink!
These ideas are super yummy and just the perfect balance of what every hiking snack needs! So what are some of your creative hiking snack ideas?

Happy Wilderness Heals Wednesday!


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