Veteran Hikers of the Natixis team!



Alice (left), Gwenn (left) and Rosa (middle right) from last years’ hike!

Hey all! Last week we got to meet some of the new hikers of Wilderness Heals and this week we are going to meet some veteran hikers of the Natixis team! HOLY WALKAMOLE there is a lot of them (which is their team name and a true statement!) Out of the 7 team members I had the pleasure of interviewing Rosa, Alice and Gwenn. It is their second year participating and both Rosa and Gwenn were at a team meeting when Natixis were sponsors of the hike but they didn’t have anyone from Natixis participating. After these two got involved Alice heard about the hike from Rosa. For Rosa, Alice and Gwenn they all joined not really being outdoorsy people but wanted to take on a personal challenge.

I was talking with Rosa and she said they she is most looking forward to enjoying herself and the quiet. This hike gives her the opportunity to unplug and its different from her normal life, almost like a vacation. Alice said that this year one of her goals is to drink more water and pack less food. I can definitely relate to this as my first year I over packed so much food! It can definitely take time to figure out the right amount of food to bring. Gwenn was looking forward to the peace and quiet and wants to continue to overcome her fears of heights.

When I ask the Natixis crew about what they were most worried about for this hiking season Alice said she was worried about mosquitoes, Gwenn was also worried about bugs but was more worried about getting injured before her wedding (congrats Gwenn!) Rosa had no worries going into this year’s hike.

The Natixis team was pretty unanimous about what they were most excited for for the Wilderness Heals hike: the opportunity to be more outdoorsy, the chance to appreciate the outdoors and the downtime from their everyday lives. They also look  forward to the camaraderie of their team and the chance to eat yummy high calorie snacks all weekend.

Since the Holy Walkamolies are on a fundraising team together they plan to do a lot of their fundraising at work. They are putting on a work party with raffles (that are specific to businessmen) and they also look to get business matches. This is a great fundraising tip for folks to see if their donors work for a company with a company match program. This way if they make a donation $35 and their company matches that, you now have a donation of $70! Donations can add up fast this way and your donors will probably know if they have this added benefit from their workplace.

Lastly, the Holy Walkamolies’ favorite part about hiking is the challenge, that it is different, social and they enjoy the food! I think that is a pretty good summary and all the reasons why I hike too!


Thank you Rosa, Alice and Gwenn for giving me the opportunity to interview you at the Wilderness Heals BBQ! I and the other readers definitely appreciate your insight and your stories. Good Luck on your training hike this weekend at Moosilauke and see you on the trails soon!


Happy Wilderness Heals Wednesday!


Have you signed up or participated in your required training hike yet? Share stories or pictures in the comments!


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