Celebrating 20 years!

On Monday at the Wilderness Heals BBQ it felt like a big family reunion: ESH employees, the Network of Gentle Men, supporters, board members, virtual hikers, new hikers, hikers from over the years, Stone House clients and children all coming together for a celebration. It was a really awesome feeling to see all of the faces that go into putting on the hike as well as the clients that all of this supports.


Even though it was a rainy night, hikers don’t mind getting a little wet or at least hanging out underneath tarps so the party went on and we had a very good turn out. On top of tons of food (and CAKE!), we had a BINGO game which was sort of like a scavenger hunt and it facilitated folks to get more information about the hike and how it is connected to the Elizabeth Stone House. Meanwhile, I was interviewing new and veteran hikers for a future blog post (that I am super excited about) and it was really awesome to get to know new hikers, especially some of the hikers that will be on my training hikes! We always talk about how much the Wilderness Heals and the Elizabeth Stone House community means so much to the event and a big reason why people keep coming back and this BBQ definitely brought together the community as one which was a really amazing way to celebrate the hike’s 20th year.

The energy and excitement from the party as well as my training hikes coming up in 10 days all has definitely got me even more pumped for this year. The 20th year has already exceeded my expectations without even hitting the trail yet! Thank you so much for everyone who planned and helped out at the BBQ, it was a wonderful event and definitely was an exciting night!

Now let’s sign up for those training hikes and raise some money for the Elizabeth Stone House!

Happy Wilderness Heals Wednesday!


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